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Experienced independent consultant. Chartered Engineer. Past managing director and PLC main board director with a record of identifying strategic opportunity, improving operating performance, and achieving growth through re-engineering, marketing existing activities, product development, negotiating alliances, and acquisition. Strong technically and financially with an international profile and considerable experience providing strategy, planning, finance and process/ICT support for SMEs.

The act of measuring things, collecting and processing data, and then using this information to facilitate or optimise the way something is done has always been a fascination.  I graduated an engineer and spent my first few years developing radar, designing machine and laser control systems, and even distributing power before looking for oil with sophisticated instrumentation a mile underground.  Measurement and control at a physical level. 

As a business manager the interest extended to operations and with strategic responsibility it was the direction and integration of these control mechanisms that intrigued. 15 years ago I was a main board PLC director responsible for over £10m of acquisition activity and running multi-site manufacturing and service delivery operations turning over in excess of £50m.

For the last 10 years I have mentored SME businesses, some through public sector initiatives such as the BVMA, Micro Loan Fund and Fastest 50, helping them prepare strategic plans, develop business models and cash flow forecasts and optimise operations, including the use of IT. I have helped them raise funds through the bank, venture capitalists and numerous grant mechanisms such as NStar, NE Finance, Microloan Fund, Leader, Defra, Lottery and of course the North East Investment Centre and all its fore-runners. One of my clients has secured over £170k of grants in the last 3 years and another has just completed a £60k Small Firms Loan Guarantee with the Westminster Bank. Businesses advised range in size from 1 to 250 employees and trade as manufacturers and service providers.

I also deliver lectures on Finance and Strategy encouraging businesses to develop the tools to maximise potential by 'challenging perspective'. 

We are of course ultimately 'pattern recognition' animals, constantly looking for congruence to better understand our finite presence in an infinite universe. The act of acquiring data and processing it to measure patterns of interest or to identify opportunity through extrapolation is innate in all of us and typical of most corporate budgetary processes. However identifying these 'patterns' requires a certain 'perspective' or point of view and understanding and shifting one's perspective can often reveal new patterns of opportunity with considerably better investment returns.

All courses are fun and interactive and will leave managers and entrepreneurs alike with a new insight into business management, finance and strategic planning. 


"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us."  - Nelson Mandela

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